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Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.



With over 20 degrees of angle difference between the down and up position for the 2003 version, and over 15 degrees for the 2004-05 version, the majority of the FJR's height range is at a too steep angle. Most people find, due to the steep angle and excessive distance from the rider in the up position, there is too much noise and turbulence.

Rifle has developed an exclusive "Tuning Block" kit to correct this problem. The Rifle Tuning Block kit reduces the windshield angle by 7 degrees which improves windshield performance, especially in the upper ranges. This angle reduction also brings the the windshield closer to the rider thereby increasing protection.
FJR1300 Touring Shield

"At taller settings, where most most riders will position the screen more often, the change is really noticeable. The result is far better wind protection with much less buffeting and at the higher settings, the back pressure is substantially reduced."
-Motorcycle Consumer News, January 2003

Rifle designed and engineered the Tuning Block to fit perfectly into the factory windshield lifting mechanism without adding any uneven or excessive stresses.

"Tuning Block" Kit Specs

Angle: 2003: When installed with the Rifle Tuning Block, 37 degrees in low position, 57 degrees in up position. Stock ranges from 44 to 64 degrees.
2004-05: When installed with included Rifle Tuning Block, 38 degrees in low position, 52 degrees in up position. Stock ranges from 45 to 59 degrees.
Construction: Precision CNC machined out of billet aluminum, powder coated black. Includes mounting screws and instructions.

2003 down position
w/Rifle Tuning Block

2003 middle position
w/Rifle Tuning Block

2003 up position
w/Rifle Tuning Block

Testing Rifle and stock windshields
Testing Rifle shield-down
Testing Rifle shield-down
Testing Rifle shield-up
Testing Rifle shield-up
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Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray


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