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Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.


Yamaha's windshield on the latest version of the FJR1300 has improved a little in some areas and has taken a step back in others. We approached a new windshield for the FJR 1300 like we do for all top of the line motorcycles we design windshields for—make it the best possible, without compromises. We didn't take the add a little here, a little there until the windshield hits something on the motorcycle, and then call it done. The windshield for the FJR needed a deeper curve, more airflow behind the windshield, and of course it needed to be larger.
Rifle Windshield System for Yamaha FJR1300
Medium Bronze Tint Shown
For the previous version of the FJR we innovated and invented a "Tuning Block", which others are now trying to copy on the "cheap". We wanted to do the same for this version so that any windshield would work with it, but determined the new Yamaha windshield lifting mechanism design would not handle the stress of forcing a bracket into it, plus a windshield with the ideal aerodynamic curve would not match up to the factory mounts and not clear the fairing.

We designed instead, "Angle Optimizers", when mounted onto the factory windshield mounts with our windshield solves all the major issues with the FJR—a more aerodynamically curved windshield, proper spacing for the correct amount of air flow behind the windshield and a windshield mounted at the most effective angle in the upper positions. One minor downsize is the Rifle Windshield System for the ('06-12 ) FJR only works with the Rifle "Angle Optimizers" and the "Angle Optimizers" will not work with any other FJR windshield. The good news is, besides offering standard multiple sizes, we can build virtually any "custom" size you want.
Rifle windshield for 2006- Yamaha FJR in down position
Rifle windshield for FJR down position
Rifle windshield for 2006 Yamaha FJR in up position
Rifle windshield for FJR up position
Features and Benefits:
·Multiple sizes
·Angle Optimizers optimize windshield angle throughout adjustment range
·Deeper more aerodynamic curve provides cleaner air off edges (same curve as our Concours windshield)
·More airflow under windshield for more back pressure reduction (also eliminates "whistle")
·Elimination of compound curve at the top of the windshield (compared to stock) increases envelop of still air.
Rifle windshield for 2006 Yamaha FJR in down position
Deeply curved Rifle windshield
for FJR down position
Rifle windshield for 2006 Yamaha FJR in up position
Deeply curved Rifle windshield
for FJR up position
Rifle 2006 Yamaha FJR windshield comparison
The Rifle +3" tall, +4" wide compared to the stock shield.
Rifle Angle Optimizers for Yamaha FJR
Rifle Angle Optimizer Kit for FJR ('06- 12)
Rifle Angle Optimizers for Yamaha FJR
Side view Rifle Angle Optimizer


Windshield: Made of 3/16" optically clear D.O.T. approved Lucite® L acrylic. Clear or a selection of tints. Hand polished, rounded edge.
Mounting: Comes pre-drilled mounts to stock windshield with included Angle Optimizers. Stock "windshield mask" remounts to Rifle windshield with included bracket.
Height: 1", 3", or 5" longer than stock. Custom heights available.
Width: 23" at lower portion of windshield, 4" wider than stock. 19" wide near the top, 6" wider than stock. All measurements are straight line.
Note: The Rifle windshield system requires mounting with the Angle Optimizers (included).
Note: For custom sizes please include the height in the item message box.
View mounting instructions (pdf)
View mounting instructions (flash)

Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

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