• ST1300 Windshield System (manual)
  • ST1300 Windshield System (manual)

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Item #: 0.102.08
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Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.


ST1300 Windshield System (manually operatedstock shield)

Two Styles-"T" (Touring) and "S"(Sport)


"T" (Touring) Tinted Version
When BMW introduced the first electrically controlled windshield it suffered from poor performance in the upper settings. Recent adjustable windshields from Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda have similar design problems; steepening angles as the shield is raised. The ST1300 manually adjusted windshield's fixed angle is also too steep for optimum performance.

RIFLE's new windshield system, utilizing our innovative "Tuning Block", tilts the windshield back 7 degrees, for less buffeting and more airflow (equals less back pressure).

The other shortcoming of the Honda windshield is aesthetics. To us, the windshield looks "stuck on" especially in the upper position, and integrates poorly with the lines of the fairing. Our windshield, the "T" (Touring) windshield extends down and now looks like it belongs.

We recommend sizing your windshield for use primarily in the lowest position. Please note the RIFLE windshield works only with the "Tuning Block" installed and is not compatible with the OEM or aftermarket windshields.

In the lowest position our windshield system's three sizes are: same height as stock, 2 inches taller, and 4 inches taller. Width: Same as stock at widest point, 6" wider near top. We can also build custom sizes, higher or lower.

"S" (Sport) Tinted Version
For those whose riding preferences are more "sport" than "touring" we now offer an "S" (Sport) version. More width where it is needed; at the top, a more aerodynamic curve pushes the air out wider, tuning blocks to fix the incorrect factory setting and you have a shield that looks like stock and performs like no other it's size. The "S" shield is also available in three heights: same height as stock, 2 inches taller, and 4 inches taller. Width: Same as stock at widest point, 3" wider near top. We can also build custom sizes, higher or lower.
"Dash Branding": If a windshield has a deep compound curve, like the factory ST1300 (and the old PC800 windshield), the windshield can act as a parabolic concentrator. Sunlight is focused on to the the dash causing it to overheat and melt and/or discolor. Rifle's windshield does not have a compound curve (for other performance reasons) and may eliminate this problem.


  • Windshield: Made of 3/16" optically clear D.O.T. approved Lucite® L acrylic. Polished, beveled edge.
  • Windshield Height: stock, +2", +4" clear or smoke tint.
  • "T" (Touring) Windshield Width: 24" at widest point (same as stock) to 21" (+6") near top (for stock height shield).
  • "S" (Sport) Windshield Width: 23" at widest point (same as stock) to 16" (+3") at top (for stock height shield).
  • Mounting: Comes pre-drilled. Includes exclusive Tuning Blocks, mounting hardware and instructions.
Note: Because the "Tuning Blocks" change the angle of the the windshield mounting bracket, the rear plastic covers will not be re-installed.
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"T" Tinted Shield

"S" Tinted Shield
Note: For a custom size please include the height in the item message box.
Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray


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