• BMW R1200RT Replacement Windshield 27" Light Gray Tint
  • BMW R1200RT Replacement Motorcycle Windshield
  • BMW R1200RT Replacement Motorcycle Windshield
  • BMW R1200RT Replacement Motorcycle Windshield Center and Side Venting
  • Light Gray Tint
  • Medium Bronze Tint
  • Dark Gray Tint

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Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.


The Rifle Replacement Windshield for the 2005-2013 BMW R 1200 RT has a deeper, more aerodynamic curve than the factory windshield. The width of the Rifle windshield BMW R 1200 RT ranges from 22" above the mirrors to 25" near the top. This makes the Rifle windshield 2" wider above the mirrors and 10" wider at the top than the BMW R 1200 RT OEM windshield. We also increased the gap around the bottom of the windshield and vented the bottom center for better air flow behind the windshield in the down position. This substantially reduces buffeting and back pressure. The lower part of the Rifle windshield has a compound curve like the OEM windshield, to better mate with the brackets, keeping the stress on the brackets and the windshield to a minimum. The Rifle windshield then transforms to a simple curve, providing less noise and turbulence than the stock design.
  • 3 standard heights: approx. 25" (same as stock), 27" (2" longer) and 29" (4" longer), measured from the fairing center (black windshield grove just above the headlight) to the top of the windshield. Custom sizes also available.
  • Width: 25" at the widest point, measured straight-line. 10" wider than the OEM version.
  • Pre-drilled to fit factory brackets.
  • Made of Lucite L® for excellent clarity, scratch and chemical resistance
Rifle 27 inch Windshield for BMW R 1200 RT in lowest and highest position
Left: Lowest Position — Right: Highest Position
For a custom size, include height in item message box
Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

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