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Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.



Rifle Knows Vents

Since the late 60's we've ridden behind and tested all types of windshield vents, slots, lips; some without a name, some were incorporated into our products, and most not. Beginning with “POP Vents” in Windjammer windshields to our latest windshield systems, we've engineered solutions that allows a "controlled" amount of air up the back side of a windshield.

Some of the "vent" products we've been involved with over the years:

Leading Edge™: This adjustable angle windshield add-on for sport bikes really works, and it and other protptypes are currently being used around town, racking up thousands of miles and years of testing.

Vetter Windjammer with Pop Vents: 1970's

Rifle Sport fairing: 1980

Concours Windshield System: 1987

Rifle Roadster Fairing: 1995

Rifle Raven Fairing: 2000

Our latest: Rifle Windshield System for 2006 FZ1 with Air Balance™ vent
Based upon this knowledge and our ongoing testing we have developed a true windshield vent, designed to fit a large number of OEM and aftermarket windshields, as well as selected Rifle windshields.

With the Rifle Air Balance™ Vent Kit your windshield vent will look like an originally installed product. We include detailed instructions on the best ways to cut a hole into your windshield, and successfully install a Rifle Air Balance™ vent. We also include a special drill to assist you in installing your vent.

Rifle Air Balance™ Windshield Vent Kit FAQ's

How do I tell if a vent will work? We can not predict what your results will be, but generally the larger the shield the more a Rifle Air Balance™ Vent Kit will improve performance.

What about windshields that have a gap between the windshield and the fairing, like many BMW's, FJR's, ST1300's etc? Most do what they are designed to do, let air in behind the windshield, and a vent kit may not be highly recommended. For example, we spent months developing our new windshield for the 2006 FJR and determined that it needed more airflow behind the windshield but there was not enough room for a vent like ours. So we spaced the windshield out along with changing the angle and now the airflow is sufficient. However, adding a vent will not degrade performance, so if you want to add a vent, go for it. Same with Rifle windshields and fairings with vents, if you want it we'll add it for you.

Does the Rifle Air Balance™ vent help with ventilation? It will help somewhat, but most of the air flow clings to the inside of the windshield, which is the effect we are looking for.
Width: 8”
Height (front): 4”
Height (rear): 6”
Depth (behind shield): 1-1/2”

Front view

Top rear view
Note: With many windshields of varying degrees of thickness, types of materials, age of material, environmental damage, we can not guarantee that damage or breakage will not occur to your windshield. Do not attempt this unless you are prepared to replace your windshield if it were to become damaged or to break during installation.
Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

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