We could have easily built a copy of the Harley-Davidson "batwing" fairing, as we have extensive experience with fiberglass production, building tens of thousands of parts dating back to our Vetter Fairing years. We believe copying another company's design is unethical. Even so, the H-D batwing fairing and its Chinese copies have many aerodynamic problems, we would never build a fairing similar to it. Independent proof is in the myriad of aftermarket (even Harley) replacement windshield designs for the Harley-Davidson batwing fairing, all unsuccessful in solving the inherent imperfections of the fairing. The most obvious is the too flat and too narrow windshield (about 21" wide). The Cruise-Tour windshield is about 31" wide with a 60% deeper curve.
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Cruise Tour Fairing Victory Kingpin
Price: $599.00 USD
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