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RIFLE was started over 20 years ago by five ex-management employees of Vetter Fairing Company. We have the most extensive experience in motorcycle fairing and windshield design and production in the industry. Our experience includes award-winning high mileage motorcycles as well as land speed record attempts. These days we direct most of our energies in developing great products and sharing them with you.

We hope that you will find something here that interests you. Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality products possible regardless of what the competition is doing.

Today, for others, its all about standardization and selling cheap products cheaply as possible, and even cheaper by making it overseas (you know where). Make as many parts interchangeable as possible, make one product fit everything, make it easy to sell to the mass merchandisers and big mail order houses (some of our products are available at large outlets, but its at our terms, not theirs). When we see stuff out of a competitor's parts bin that doesn't belong on a particular motorcycle, it reinforces our belief we are doing the right thing. The uninformed customer may not know it, but we would.

For us and our specialty, windshields and fairings; its all about improving performance and comfort. If performance or comfort can not be improved and all that can be done is to make it "look pretty", we will leave that to others. Not that we can't, but for us its not the "fun" part of motorcycles. What motorcycle(s), you may be thinking? There are many motorcycles especially sport bikes that a little taller and wider windshield only makes things worse. We will not spend our reputation and build a windshield and then try to tell you its better. We ride sport bikes, so we know what we are talking about. When it comes to windshields and fairings, no one builds a better combination of performance, comfort, quality and looks. When you purchase a product we offer, we want your to feel confident that we improved on the original and it is the best available. We back it up with the best, hassle-free return and exchange policy in the industry. And, as it always has been, all of our products are made in the USA.

Feel free to leave us your comments or questions. Just click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of any page.


Gary Gatel

P. S. If I wouldn't put it on my bike, we won't offer it for yours.
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