How to Select a Windshield Size

Multiple Heights
We try to offer two or three sizes for every windshield we sell. It is expensive for us to build and inventory three times the number of windshields for an application as our competitors, but we believe that a properly sized windshield is as important as using the correct helmet or clothing size.

How High
The ideal height for a windshield is just below your line of vision. This means the top edge of the windshield should be somewhere between your nose and your adam's apple, whatever you are more comfortable with.

We can give you general guidelines for the best windshield height based upon your height, but keep in mind its your height from your waist up and even the length of your arms that determines what size you may need.

Some people prefer to look through a windshield and we do not have a problem with it, but many people wear glasses and use a faceshield. Looking through glasses (especially sunglasses), a faceshield and a windshield may affect visibility. Add some rain and it may be a problem looking through the shield.

We try to give you comparative heights to help in determining the correct height to select. A good method to measure for the correct windshield height is to use a wood yardstick taped to the headlight or have another person hold the yardstick for you. If the windshield measurement from us is a length measurement, take into account the angle of the windshield. Sit on the bike, look straight ahead and determine the height of your line of vision. You can then calculate the ideal windshield height for you.

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