V-Strom Windshield System Suzuki DL650 2004-2011-DL1000 2004-2012

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+3" medium bronze tint shown

Product Highlights: Can be mounted in all three positions on the fairing.
Windshield angle fully adjustable
Available in a wide array of sizes
Its here, and worth the wait! Not just a larger shield but a "clean-sheet" redesign of the "too small" 2004 and later Suzuki V-Strom 650/1000 stock windshield. Width, angles, heights, shapes and curves, all reworked and improved. With three Touring sizes and one Sport size (custom sizes also available), there is a shield for every type of riding preference and rider. The Rifle V-Strom Windshield System™averages 8" wider than stock on the upper sides, 10" wider on the lower sides and 2" lower on the bottom. The three Touring heights are +1", +3", +5" over the stock windshield. The Sport version is 1" taller, 6" wider on the upper sides and 5" wider on the lower sides. With these size options, plus custom sizes, the Rifle V-Strom Windshield System™ can be perfectly sized for every rider.

Because the stock shield is too "upright" and gets worse as it is raised, Rifle designed into the windshield our exclusive "Angle Adjuster" brackets giving you control over the height and angle of your windshield.

This is not just another windshield, and why we call it a "Windshield System™". Soon to be copied.

Note: Measurements were taken with the shield in the middle position of the V-Strom's adjustments. The Rifle replacement windshield for the V-Strom can be mounted in all positions on the V-Strom's fairing. Fits 2004 and later 650 and 1000.

If you want to continue using your Suzuki hand guards or plan on installing them at a later date, order the 2" narrower version.

Made of D.O.T. approved Lucite L®; for better optics, scratch resistance and stiffness.


Rife Windshield System for Suzuki VStrom
Touring Standard (+1") medium bronze tint
Rife Windshield System for Suzuki VStrom
Touring Tall (+5") light gray tint
Rife Windshield System for Suzuki VStrom Rife Windshield System for Suzuki VStrom
Rifle's Exclusive integrated "Angle Adjusters" allow wide range of angle adjustment


Windshield: +1", +3", +5" clear or fade resistant tints (not a coating like others!). Made of 3/16" optically clear D.O.T. approved Lucite L® acrylic, with polished edges. Finished on the outside with a black mask.
Mounting: Comes pre-drilled. Includes Rifle exclusive "Angle Adjusters" and all required hardware.


Compatible with Hand Guards
2" Narrower version compatible with Suzuki Hand Guards.


Note: For a custom size please include the height in the item message box.
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Windshield Colors
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.

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