Yamaha Stratoliner-Roadliner Replacement Windshield

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19" Medium Bronze tint shown.
The OEM and accessory windshields for the Yamaha Stratoliner and Roadliner (XVZ19) really needs to be wider. Our windshield is 3½" wider at the widest point and a full 2" near the top. With five heights to choose from you can now have a windshield perfectly sized for you. And, if you want a size not offered (height or width), we can also build a custom size windshield. Of course looks are subjective, but we really like a more rounded windshield and incorporated this into our replacement windshield for the Stratoliner. We also didn't like the radical bend at the bottom of the windshield (there only to clear the turnsignals) so we straightened ours and cut the windshield to fit around the turnsignals — which provides better lower protection as well. The replacement windshield for the Stratoliner/Roadliner comes pre-drilled, bolts into your existing hardware, has rounded polished edges and is made of D.O.T. approved Lucite L® for a distortion-free view, is closest to glass in clarity than any other plastic, as well as providing better chemical resistance. Minor scratches can be polished out without worry of ruining an unrepairable and potentially de-laminating hard coating.

Tinted replacements for Buck's lowers are also available. Click here to order.
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 25" at widest point, measured straight-line.
  • HEIGHT: 15½", 17½", 19½", 21½" or 23½" measured from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield.
  • WINDSHIELD: 3/16" thick fade resistant bronze tint(not a coating like others!) (or clear) D.O.T. approved Lucite L®. Polished beveled edges
  • MOUNTING: Pre-drilled to fit stock hardware. Does not include mounting brackets.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits both Roadliner and Stratoliner part numbers; STR-2C503-11-00, STR-2C507-11-00, STR-2C506-11-00.

Notes: For a custom size, include dimensions in item message box.
Brackets and hardware not included.
Windshield Colors
Light Gray Tint
Light Gray
Medium Bronze Tint
Medium Bronze
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.

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Showing 5 Testimonials:

Opened and installed your product.  Fit and finish fantastic!  Ride much improved over OEM. Thanks for producing great product!


Recently I ordered a replacement windshield from Rifle for the Star Stratoliner. I had cracked TWO star windshields and decided to see if Rifle would last longer for me. It was shipped coast-to-coast (I'm in Virginia) very quickly. I loved the look (Light smoke tint) and the design which was wider, and shaped a little differently than the Star shield. I had heard Strat owners complain about the OEM shield, but I didn't know any better, so it was OK by me. I installed the Rifle Shield and WOW! I see now what they meant. I am 6'2" so I ordered the 21.5" shield which is about a half inch shorter than the stock Star mid-size shield. I was amazed at how much design difference makes! Over the top, the slightly shorter shield actually gives me less wind turbulence around my head. I guess this is what they refer to as "helmet buffeting"? Around my hands, the wind resistance is noticeably better. (cont .below)

But the big difference was down low. I used to get a LOT of air between the bottom of the OEM shield, and the gas tank. Not with Rifle. That wind has easily been more than cut in half. Nice job guys! I had some questions about installation and I called Rifle. A HUMAN answered the phone. And didn't TRANSFER my call! She answered my questions confidently and quickly. The only thing I don't understand is why you guys aren't aggresively marketing this thing to Stratoliner owners! I had to STUMBLE upon you on the web. Have NEVER seen an ad for this thing. And now, having experienced a GOOD shield, I can agree with other Stratoliner owners who say, "The Strat is a wonderful bike and a marvel of engineering! But the windshield absolutely stinks!" Rifle fairings has my support and compliments!


Message: Just sending a note to say how pleased I am with the windshield I received. It came when promised...installed with no problems...looks great...exactly what I wanted. Your customer service person was excellent in helping me with my choices. I will definitely recommend Rifle products to my biking friends!


I bought your replacement windshield (17 1/2" clear) Your Product enhanced my ride by 1000 fold.


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