Yamaha FZ1 Fazer Touring Windshield (01-05)

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20" Medium Bronze tint shown. Blacked-out lower portion hides ugly exposed back of instruments.

More aerodynamic than the Yamaha stock and extended windshields. Our windshield is deeply curved with no flat spots, resulting in less noise and turbulence. Our new windshield for the FZ-1 averages 4" wider than stock and comes in two heights (5", 8" over the 12" stock windshield). The windshield can be sized for most riders. Custom heights are available. Made of D.O.T. approved Lucite® L for better optics, scratch resistance and stiffness.
Windshield: Made of 1/8" optically clear D.O.T. approved Lucite® acrylic. Lower portion is blacked-out like stock unit. Clear or tinted
Mounting: Comes pre-drilled.
Height: 17", 20". 5" or 8" over stock.
Width: 16", 4" wider than stock.

Rifle Replacement windshield with Rifle Windshield Vent for '01-'05 FZ1
20" Light Gray Tint FZ1 Windshield with Windshield Vent Installed

Note: For custom sizes please include the height in the item message box.

Windshield Colors
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

Light Gray

Medium Bronze
All Rifle Products are Made in USA


Showing 2 Testimonials:

Just put the 20" windscreen on my bike that i had ordered from you and just wanted to let you know how nice that screen is.Very nice product!!!


Just installed your windshield and hit the highway,what a great product for the money. Looks like I"ll be doing a little touring this summer,keep up the good work.
satisfied customer

M. S.

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