SoloShield(tm) for American and Metric Cruisers
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SoloShield™ on 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 (medium bronze tint shown)

Over the years we have received countless requests for a smaller cruiser windshield. Our mission at Rifle has always been to improve the performance and wind protection of your motorcycle, something very difficult to achieve with a small windshield. Up until now small windshields have mainly been low cost and universally mounted, requiring unacceptable quality and styling compromises.

How about a windshield that is easy to mount and unmount, uses high-quality polished billet aluminum brackets, fits most bikes, uses heavy-duty 3/16" thick acrylic with polished edges, has infinite angle adjustment plus 4" of height adjustment? There is one, it's called the RIFLE SoloShield™ !

We still believe "size matters" when wind protection is required, but for those of you who want the highest quality small custom windshield available anywhere, the RIFLE SoloShield™ is the only one that fits.

· Fits most bikes with tubular handlebars
· 4" of upward adjustment
· Infinite angle adjustment from vertical to horizontal
· Custom, CNC precision machined billet aluminum brackets
· Hand polished chrome-like finish or high-quality black powder coat
· 15" high (from center cutout), 17" wide
· 3/16" thick acrylic with polished edges

Rifle SoloShield with Flat Black Finish
Optional Black Powder Coat Finish

SoloShield™ down SoloShield™ up

See SoloShield™ in action
[See SoloShield™ Change Height]  [See SoloShield™ Change Angle]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I don't see my bike listed here. How do I know the SoloShield™ will fit?
If your gauges (speedo, etc) are located on your tank, the SoloShield™ most likely will fit. All that is required is a ½" or longer straight section on the left and right side of your handlebars. The left and right straight sections should be less than 10" apart. We have found the SoloShield™ fits nicely on most bikes with a single gauge in front of the handlebars. Included with each SoloShield™ are extensions to be used with bikes with gauges in front of the handlebars. Bikes with dual gauges may have the gauges partially obscured by the mounting brackets.

What diameter handlebars does the SoloShield™ fit?
The SoloShield™ fits 1" and 1-1/4" diameter bars.

Why doesn't the SoloShield™ come in gradient tint colors like windshields I've seen elsewhere?
Rifle's windshield material has the color embedded in the plastic. Gradient tint windshields are an added coloring process, subject to rapid fading in direct sunlight.

How does the SoloShield™ mount?
Click here to view mounting instructions
 (requires Adobe Acrobat)

More info?
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SoloShield(tm) Detachable on Honda Rune
SoloShield(tm) Detachable on Honda Rune - $279

Windshield Colors
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

Light Gray

Medium Bronze
Note: For custom sizes please include the height in the item message box.

Rifle's windshields do not have Flips, Flares or Recurves. Here's why.

All Rifle Products are Made in USA


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Received and mounted the Rifle SoloShield on my new Rocket III yesterday.  Perfect fit, finish, and function.  Definitely recommend this to any other Rocket owners out there.  Pics available on request.


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