Buell S3-S3T Thunderbolt Replacement Windshield

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RIFLE's aerodynamic engineers have done it again. The stock Buell S3-S3T Thunderbolt fairing is not bad, but the stock S3-S3T Thunderbolt windshield is good for little more than looks. By changing the angle of attack and maintaining maximum width, we created a true touring windshield. Available in a taller version, plus custom heights, we can size a windshield just for you. Our tall windshield gives a 5" increase in vertical height.
  • True touring protection, with reduced noise and turbulence.
  • 9+" of vertical height (5" vertically over stock), 17" long, plus custom sizes available.
  • 40% thicker eliminates flex at high speeds.
  • Pre-drilled, lower portion blacked-out.
  • Made of Lucite L® for excellent clarity, scratch and chemical resistence.
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