Harley-Davidson Lowers VRod VRSCF Muscle
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Rifle Lowers for the Harley-Davidson VRSCF Muscle are designed to compliment the design of the Harley-Davidson Quick Release Compact Mid-Sport for VRSCF Muscle windshield and the Rifle replacement for the same. They are approximately 5" wide x 18" long and mount to the lower forks with an easily removed polished billet aluminum clamp. Large enough to really work.


  • Height: 18" long
  • Width: 5" wide
  • Mounting System: Secure fork mounting.
  • Mounting Hardware: Polished stainless steel bracket mounts to 3/4" wide polished, machined billet aluminum fork clamps.

Windshield Colors
Dark Gray Tint
Dark Gray

Light Gray

Medium Bronze
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